March 7, 2016

Walking & hiking

Come join us on hikes or walks at Mt. Hoven and to various destinations around Loen. We can customize your trip as needed, difficulty and length. The area around Loen has spectacular scenery. Some of the most popular hikes include for Mt. Hoven, mountain farms and the great Mt. Skåla (1848 m).

Tour suggestions

Mt. Hoven, all levels available. 1-10 hours. Package price with the cable car Loen Skylift.

Lostøylen, easy walk, 275 m.a.s.l., 2 hrs. Per guide NOK 1800,-

Tjugensætra Mountain Farm, medium walk, 425 m.a.s.l., 2.5 hrs. Per guide: NOK 1900, –

Mt Skåla – tough trip to 1848 m, 7-8 hrs. Per guide NOK 4800,-(only summer)

Hiking to other destinations like Rakssætra Mountain Farm and Mt. Årheimsfjellet is also available.


Want to go hiking in winter? Snowshoes included sticks for hire. Price NOK 400, – per day. Booking