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Via Ferrata Loen

A spectacular climbing route to Mount Hoven (1011 m a s)

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Loen Skylift

A spectacular new attraction and adventure arena opens on the 20th of May 2017. A Cable Car wil lift you 1011 m. above the fjord. Guided adventures offered

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Walking & hiking

We will show you great hikes at Mt. Hoven, in Loen and in Lodalen Valley

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Biking in Lodalen Valley – a wonderful adventure

We will give you great adventures and memories for a lifetime

Loen Active offers adventures starting from Loen. Our main attraction is Via Ferrata Loen, an iron road, a newly built climbing path in the mountains above the Hotel Alexandra. In 2013 we opened the Gjølmunnebridge 750 mas, a suspension bridge across a 160 meter deep canyon. The bridge is 120 meters long and the longest via ferrata bridge in Europe ! We also offer a 110 m via ferrata in category E (extremly difficult). This route is optional, and only for experienced via ferrata climbers. We also have a wirebridge for people who really want to test their fear of heights. Via Ferrata Loen is a spectacular and breathtaking experience in beautiful surroundings above the fjord landscape in Norway. You have to be in general good physical condition, normal duration of the hike is from six to eight hours. From 21st of May 2017 you can combine the via ferrata trip with visiting the Hoven Restaurant and return with the Loen Skylift.

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